Pelvic Girdle Assessment

The pelvic girdle is evaluated with flexibility and mobility tests that are specific to assessing the various ranges of motion of the hips. The pelvis has over twenty axes of rotation, so there is a great deal of room for dysfunction in this area of the body.

Since the pelvis is at the center of everything, chronic problems with it tend to radiate outward, and affect the body further up (back, shoulders, neck) or further down (knees, ankles, feet). While the pelvis is not the source of all structural pathology, it is often a contributing factor.

Each axis of rotation has a specific movement associated with it. Physiqology personal trainers assess, stimulate, and strengthen muscles that are chronically weak using these tests. Moreover, we can pinpoint your area (s) of weakness. So instead of saying, “your glutes are weak”, we can say, “the most lateral, lower portion of your right gluteus medius is weakest in the chain.” We can then fix that problem.

Eliminating Lower Back and Joint Pain

The resulting improvement in function enables you to reduce or eliminate joint pain. When you’re pain free, you move better, and can thus train harder. More advanced training leads to increases in joint health, movement efficiency, strength, speed, an ultimately, positive changes in body composition – fat loss and improvement in lean mass.

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