Personal Training Services

Physiqology is the elegant synergy of strength and mobility.  The proper balance of these modalities makes for the attainment of aggressive fitness goals in a sustainable model.

Our comprehensive suite of personal training services can help with any combination of:

  • Strength
  • Speed and Agility
  • Endurance
  • General Fitness and Health
  • Physique Transformation (fat loss and/or muscle gain)
  • Injury Recovery and Post-Rehabilitative Fitness

Personal Training


Workouts designed especially for your goals with dedicated attention from a Physiqology personal trainers. In a traditional gym; in the office; in your home. One-on-one training programs also includes one outside consultation per month.

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One on one personal training is not for everyone. Group fitness training is a more affordable option and is a good choice if you enjoy a team training atmosphere. Join an existing team that fits your needs or create your own team from friends with common fitness interests.

Program Design

Training on your own? We can evaluate you and design a program that will empower you to attain your goals. Meet with a Physiqology personal trainer a few times to learn your program, then take the responsibility for performing the work expected.

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Flexibility Training

As part of an integrated program of personal training, or as a standalone session, our personal trainers are qualified to use guided stretching methodologies; design and teach flexibility programs; and employ soft tissue techniques to improve your flexibility.

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Physiqology flexibility assessment

Dietary and Nutritional Counseling

Fitness training alone is not adequate. If you want to make a true impact on your health and fitness, solid dietary practice is a must. Supplementation of the diet is also necessary to ensure you get all of the nutritional raw materials that you need to succeed. Physiqology personal trainers tailor a complete nutritional solution to reflect your needs, so that you can accomplish your goals.

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All of our personal training, flexibility and nutrition programs include unlimited phone and email support to help keep you on track.

Ready to get started? It all starts with a personal consultation.

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