Bindu Nambiar Testimonials

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Working with Bindu has had a tremendous impact on my strength, confidence and fitness level. She has helped me to gain strength and improve flexibility after cancer treatment, and has helped me to stay on track with nutrition and lifestyle changes as well. I am grateful to have such an attentive, caring and professional trainer. She is simply the best.

Alex Herzan

I have worked with Bindu now for over 3 years and she has become an indispensable and integral part of my life and well being. Whether focused on general weight training or helping me with rehabilitation after injury or One-Arm-Dumbbell-Row-Physiqologysurgery, Bindu has demonstrated her expertise, has always been prepared and has obviously put a lot of thought into my training. She is a delight to work with. I could not recommend her more highly.

Tom Jenkins
VP Coats Plc.

One of my luckiest days was when I starting working with Bindu, over seven years ago. I was never “athletic” and had been with trainers who pushed too hard and others who didn’t push enough; by the time I met Bindu, I was sure that the most a trainer could give me was a reason to get to the gym at a particular time.

All that changed with Bindu, who has helped me realize what I was capable of doing–with proper form. She is a patient teacher, able to adapt her instruction not just to different people (she trains several of my friends) but also to a single individual as circumstances warrant.

Maybe the best way to say it is this: there are days I wish she had a boss so I could write a letter of commendation for her personnel file.

Anne Cohen
Debevoise & Plimpton


I have worked with other trainers and Bindu stands out for several reasons. She is always alert and engaged as we work, coaching and guiding to make me do my best. She keeps it interesting by adding new exercises, mixing it up.

She is aggressive in terms of pushing me forward, but is also careful and mindful of my unique needs. On a personal level, she is a lovely, thoughtful person with a great sense of humor. I am grateful I found her and have every respect for her as a professional.”

Camilla Jenkins

Bindu Nambiar - Certified personal trainer - Physiqology, New York City