What To Expect at a Physiqology Personal Training Session

Anatomy of a Personal Training Session: Warm Up, Workout, Recovery

The first day of every new program is always an interesting experience. For most people, new programs for the first two years of personal training feel like the very first day of training. It is for that reason that first workouts – whether in new programs, or on the very first day of your training life – are always light.

Reasonable initial efforts lead to success, which leads to improved motivation, which leads to greater efforts and more success, until an ultimate goal is achieved. This gradual process is a hallmark of our personal training experience.

Personal Training and the Warm Up

We choose an appropriate warm-up protocol suitable to the workout that you are executing that day. It may be as simple as a few warm-up sets of the exercises to be performed, or as complicated as to be a separate sub-routine unto itself.

We may use bodywork such as ballistic or PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching, myofascial release techniques, or proprioceptive drills to prepare your body for the work ahead. The key to remember is that the warm-up should always:

  • Be appropriate for the workout (easier workouts tend to have shorter warm up periods)
  • Create as little fatigue as necessary
  • Inform the central nervous system of the movement pattern, speed, and approximate load to be used in the opening work set.

The Personal Training Workout

During the training period, we encourage you to enjoy yourself. If it is your first workout in a new program, it may initially feel confusing. Try to relax and embrace the experience. Our trainers are qualified to coax gains from a complete neophyte, or thrash a professional athlete. Have no worries; we will take care of you.

The Value of Program Design in Personal Training

We always work from a published plan. There is a very good reason for doing so: results need to be quantifiable.

If need dictates, we may occasionally deviate from the training plan of the day to address a pressing concern. In general, however, we work off a program for a specified period of time. At the end of the training session, your results are evaluated so that we can design the next step in the personal training process.

Recovery from Personal Training

Every client is encouraged to take advantage of the Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment – a nutritional assessment that we provide to regular clients free of charge as a value-added service.

The goal of the CPA is to create greater recovery, leading to faster losses of body fat, and faster gains in strength and lean body mass.

Additionally, we build into your program, or assign as homework, restorative work appropriate to your goals. This restorative work speeds up recovery of soft tissue, and ensures that you continue to progress optimally. At Physiqology, we’re never satisfied with good enough; we are passionate about excellence.

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