Strength Assessments

A personal training fitness evaluation, like a well-designed personal training program, should be relevant to your goals. Depending upon your needs, we use one or more of the following tests. The list below is not exhaustive, but represents some of the most commonly used tests to assess your personal training level at Physiqology:

Strength Assessments

  • 1RM (repetition maximum) Strength Evaluation – a test for maximal strength
  • Shoulder Girdle Screening – a set of tests to determine balance of the shoulder girdle muscles. Muscles in the shoulder girdle may be compared to each other or compared in relation to lifts performed in the 1RM test.
  • Dynamic Hop Test – a test of eccentric strength of the lower body
  • Pelvic Girdle Assessment – a movement screen designed to evaluate the mobility and strength balance of the over 20 axes of the pelvis
  • Postural Evaluation – an assessment of resting posture, a general movement screen, and evaluation of your ability to free-body squat
  • Flexibility Assessment – a set of tests conducted on a stretching table, and combined with the overhead squat, as well as the pelvic girdle assessment, when warranted, to determine leg-length discrepancy and overall flexibility

Postural and Flexibility Assessments

Having a variety of physical tests allows us to tailor each physical readiness evaluation to your needs. It also gives us several different ways of obtaining the same kind of information in the event that we want a correlation of information, or want to evaluate one specific criteria against another.

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