Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment

The Foundational Role of Nutrition in Personal Training

Almost everyone in the world today will acknowledge and repeat the mantra that “nutrition plays the largest role in changing the human body”. The general public is aware of this fact, mostly as the result of the media’s ability to shape public consciousness. What they don’t know, by and large, is what the heck that actually means in the real world.

The Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment (CPA) is the biochemical cornerstone of our personal training programs. It is the culmination of all of our work in nutritional science over our combined 80+ years of practice in the field of personal fitness training. Though it would be impossible to list all of the books, formal and informal learning situations and years of practice in the industry that have shaped our understanding of the role of nutrition in personal training success, there have been some formative methodologies that played key roles in shaping our assessment process.

What happens in a Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment?

The Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment is a unique diagnostic tool. Body fat is measured using the methodology taught in Charles Poliquin’s Biosignature Modulation™ courses. Then, a proprietary technique of muscle testing is used to determine how best to improve the trainee’s fitness, structural integrity and biochemistry.

What can a Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment screen for?

Theoretically, muscle testing can be used for screening for any health state, but the Physiqology system is designed to screen and to give indication of treatment for deficits in ability to produce force (strength, speed, power) in the musculoskeletal system; to positively impact the development of all of the energy systems (improve conditioning and agility), to screen for structural abnormalities (prevent and heal injury), and to address biochemical issues that impact optimal health, wellness, and performance.

What are the expected outcomes of a Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment?

Following the recommendations from a regular CPA should improve your results from physical training by removing barriers to your progress. The CPA is only a beginning step – additional health screening may be required, some of which may need to be conducted by a physician.

Disclaimer: A Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment is not a medical intervention. It is not a treatment for, nor does it diagnose any disease. It is a method for improving health.

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