Physiqology Consultation
A Great Beginning to Your Personal Training Process

Every process needs a beginning. When you engage in personal training with us, we make sure that your beginning is the best that it can be. Your consultation gives us the necessary details pertaining to you, and helps us design a personal fitness program specific to your training goals.

Health History Questionnaire

Our comprehensive health questionnaire is the starting point for your needs analysis. It records your areas of health and wellness concern, and provides us with a starting point to work from. You also answer questions that give us a big-picture look at your overall nutritional habits.

Dietary and Clinical Nutrition Diagnostic

Nutrition is a key factor in achieving your fitness goals. Personal trainers at Physiqology use several methods to achieve evaluate your nutritional needs – Biosignature Modulation™, applied kinesiology, functional medical chemistries and dietary planning. We have combined all of these tools to form a proprietary service called the Comprehensive Physiqology Assessment (CPA).

Body Fat Analysis

If you have an aesthetic goal, it is imperative to do a body fat analysis prior to starting a personal training program. We regularly measure and record this vital statistic to track your progress. Your skinfold thickness is measured with a Harpinden caliper, the most accurate instrument of its kind in the industry.

Strength Evaluation

Strength evaluations provide us with helpful information about your maximal strength as well as your structural balance. A strength evaluation, like a well-designed personal training program, should track information on physical abilities that are a function of your goals.

Flexibility Evaluation

A flexibility evaluation is appropriate when we believe that mobility is a critical factor in improving your fitness. However, it can also serve as a standalone service when you are specifically interested in improving your flexibility and mobility.  Read more about what makes our flexibility system unique in the industry.

Program Design

Data collected from your consultation process is used to create an intelligent, results-oriented personal training program for you. The entire program is updated on a frequency based on your progress, goals, and budget. Program Design is also available as a standalone service if you choose to train on your own.

Ready to get in the best shape of your life? It all starts with a personal consultation.

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